Upcoming Shows

july 7th - Adventure Crew Music Festival, Lost Trail Ski Area

June 9-10th - Silver Cloud Campout, Haugan Mt

May 6th - 25th Annual Garden City BrewFest, Missoula Mt

Apr. 20th - The Top Hat, Missoula Mt


Apr. 7th - Monk's Bar, Missoula 10pm

Mar. 18th - Holiday Inn, Downtown Missoula 7pm

Mar. 17th - The VFW, Missoula Mt 10pm

Feb. 25th - Jesters Bar, Helena MT 11pm

Feb. 24th - Caras Park, Missoula MT 5pm

Feb. 18th - The Top Hat, Missoula MT 10pm

Jan. 13th - Jesters Bar, Helena MT 11pm

Jan. 12th - The Top Hat, Missoula MT 10pm

Jan. 7th - Draught Works Brewery, Missoula MT 6-8pm

Dec. 7th - Monks Bar, Missoula MT 9pm

About Us

Rotgut Whines combines soulful rhythms with energizing tempos and passionate storytelling to create their signature sound: Fingerpickin' Soul and Roll. Lead singer/guitarist Evan Manuel and drummer/backup vocalist Andrew Murphy prove wrong the old adage that there is more strength in numbers. Murphy's crisp beats and deep baritone voice provide the perfect supplements to Manuel's flying fingers and catchy melodies. First-time listeners are often shocked at the pair's ability to create the powerful sound some fans have described as "magic."

Though born on opposite coasts, the duo met in the Montana mountans in late 2014, when they became roommates and bonded over a shared love of music. Rotgut Whines was officially formed in April 2015 and, one year later, the bandmates moved to Missoula with plans to record their first album. Still roommates, the ease of their friendship is obvious on stage and creates an effortless vibe that captivates audiences. Their palpable energy and passion make it impossible not to get up and dance.


Manager/Contact - Kyle Glover

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